Replacement Rotor for the PondMaster Hy-Drive 4800 Pump - 12770

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Replacement Impeller for the PondMaster ProLine Hy-Drive WFP4800 Waterfall Pump and the Aqua-Supreme WFP4800 Pump

  • Item Number: 12770
  • Brand Name: PondMaster / ProLine / Aqua-Supreme
  • Manufacturer: E.G. Danner Mfg.
  • Fits Pump Model: 02670 and 02570
  • Includes the complete impeller assembly and O-ring
  • Measures Approximately: 5.35" Long from end of ceramic shaft to face of impeller blades - 4.09" Diameter black impeller - Stainless Magnet is 2.93" Long


Question: Will the impeller fix my pump?

Answer: This depends on what signs your pump is displaying. Usually the pump will be rattling or vibrating with no flow or greatly reduced flow rate. You should unplug the pump and with dry hands open the pump cover by removing the screws on the front. Then pull out the impeller assembly. There should be some magnetic pull and if the impeller assembly comes out in multiple pieces or if a fan blade(s) are sheared or broken off or if the shaft is broken that should be a sign to change the impeller. Even if the there are no signs of damage, we recommend you do a pump test: Plug the pump in with the impeller assembly removed and place the impeller near the pump; it should shake which shows you that the pump is giving off magnetic pull. Promptly unplug the pump and an impeller assembly will probably fix your situation. If you don't get any magnetic shake from the pump than the pump is most likely defective and you should replace the entire pump as they cannot be repaired.


Question: Will removing the pump cover and/or impeller void the warranty?

Answer: No... Removing the pump cover and impeller is part of normal preventive maintenance and should be done every 6-12 months to keep your pump in perfect working order.

Actual Impeller may vary slightly from photo

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