Re-Vive Dechlorinator Liquid - 32 oz

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32 oz

BioCuda - Re-Vive Dechlorinator Liquid

Re-Vive quickly removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals often present in municipal water supplies, while enhancing the protective slime coat that helps fish recover from wounds and abrasions. Re-Vive is especially beneficial in times of stress, protecting fish during top-offs, water changes and pond cleanouts.

  • 32 oz Size - Treats up to 6,400 gallons
  • Immediately Removes Chlorine, Chloramine & Heavy Metals
  • Adds Fish Slime Coat Protectant
  • Non Toxic to Fish - Safe for Aquatic and Domestic Animals

Application Rates

Pond Size 200 gallons 600 gallons 1,200 gallons 2,400 gallons
Dosage 1 oz 3 oz 6 oz 12 oz

Apply Biocuda Re-Vive after water changes or adding new water.

Special Note: When adding Re-Vive during a water change, it is safest to fill buckets of tap water and apply the correct application. Dump dechlorinated water into pond at the area with the most water circulation.

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