Quick-Clear - Pond Flocculent - 32 oz

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32 oz

BioCuda - Quick-Clear Pond Flocculent

Quick-Clear rapidly restores brilliant clarity to cloudy or dirty pond water by causing suspended particles in the water to clump, or flocculate. The heavier clumps drop out of suspension to the bottom where they are easily filtered or vacuumed out, clearing the pond quickly and effectively.

  • 32 oz Size - Treats up to 16,000 gallons
  • Clears Pond Water Fast
  • Makes Pond Water Sparkle
  • Non Toxic to Fish - Safe for Aquatic and Domestic Animals

Application Rates

Pond Size 500 gallons 4,000 gallons 8,000 gallons 16,000 gallons
Dosage 1 oz 8 oz 16 oz 32 oz

Apply Biocuda Quick-Clear once per week until the problem is corrected.

Special Note: Do not mix or use other water treatments while treating with Eco-Solve9.

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