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Muck Vac by Odyssey - Convenient and inexpensive Pond Vacuum - 50 PSI Minimum for Operation
Part NumberMUCKVAC
Muck Vac by Odyssey - Convenient and inexpensive Pond Vacuum - 50 PSI Minimum for Operation
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Muck-Vac Cleaning system is a vacuum ideal for Ponds, Fountains, Spas and Small In ground Pools or Vinyl Kiddy Pools.

Product Description:
Complete system includes
  • Muck-Vac power head
  • Vac head with brush
  • Telescoping pole (6ft max)
  • Vacuum hose (10ft)
  • Vac Hose Adapter

Frequently Ask Questions: Q. How does it work? A. It is a simple system which uses the water pressure from a standard garden hose to create a suction and vacuum the muck. Q. Where does the muck and waste go? A. The muck and waste is vacuumed up the telescopic pole and discharged to waste right out the end of the discharge hose, which we provide. You can allow it to go into a bucket, or right onto the lawn, garden or a deck drain. Q. Does it put any water into the pond? A. No, no water goes into the pond. The water is used purely for creating the suction. However, some water will be displaced from the pond, along with the muck and waste. It will definitely lower the water level. Q. Will it pick up pebbles and small leaves? A. Yes, the higher the water pressure the better the system will operate as far as sucking up small pebbles and leaves. Q. How can I tell if I have 50psi water pressure? A. You can buy a water pressure gauge or call your local water department. (see note below) Q. Does the Muck Vac work for ponds that have rocks at the bottom? A. The Muck Vac was originally designed for pools and spas so naturally this unit will work better on smooth services but with greater pressure it works well for most. Q. What if I have more than 50psi water pressure? A. The Muck Vac will work much better. 50psi is the bare minimum to work and those that have over 50psi find that the Muck Vac does an even better job. We recommend 60 psi or above. Q. How long and how wide is the discharge hose? A. It comes with a 10 foot discharge hose that is 1-1/4 inches wide and there is also a hose adaptor included so that you may add additional hose lengths. Q. Is this a new item on the market and what has your experience been with the Muck Vac system? A. Muck Vac's have been on the market for many years and we have successfully sold them for almost 5 years. In that time we have sold over 4,500 units and counting.

* Requires a bare minimum of 50psi of water pressure to work. We recommend 60 psi or above for best performance.
* No Returns on this item once used. Please check water pressure before purchasing to avoid disappointment.
*We cannot stress enough that you need to have water pressure of 50 psi or greater (we recommend 60+). Without the proper pressure its like a car without an engine.
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