Little Giant SK5 - Pond Skimmer - up to 5000 GPH - 6.6" Weir

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5000 Gallons
The pond skimmer is an important element of your water garden pond. It establishes the water level, houses the pump and plumbing, and removes floating debris (and submerged debris when using the optional bottom drain). It serves as a small biological filter, and circulates oxygenated water to additional filters and back to the pond. It is also a pump pre-filter to prevent the pump from clogging. These durable skimmers improve surface cleaning with an easy flow-through design that both simplifies installation and minimize maintenance.

  • Sturdy, easy-to-remove lid with optional sand fill port.
  • Heavy duty Leaf net to catch floating debris
  • Biological - easy to clean brushes to aid in catching debris and eliminate clogging problems
  • Handles large pumps
  • Plumb for either side
  • Lockable skimmer door restricts water, easier cleaning or maintenance.
  • Support edge adds strength and rigidity.
  • Circular design for maximum strength.
  • Heavy-duty, corrugated skimmer design with built-in anti-floatation lip.
  • Optional bottom drain ports on both sides of the skimmer for installation flexibility.
  • Removable Inlet screen prevents aquatic life such as fish and frogs from entering the skimmer unit.


  • Model SK5
  • Approximate dimensions: 23-1/4" High x 17-1/2" Wide x 24-1/2" Long
  • Discharge: holes on both sides. Hole saw required for up to 3" ID hole (fits up to 2" ID Flex pipe)
  • Weir opening: 6.6" Opening
  • Flow through: up to 5,000 GPH

Contents included:
Skimmer vault, heavy duty skimmer lid, fish inlet screen, weir plate, gate (with hinge pin/spring), foam float, seal, twelve 1/4" - 20 hex-head bolts (with washers), heavy duty skimmer net with frame, five biological filter brushes, 3/8" fiberglass rod, 2" grommet, upper and lower PVC support rods.

Instruction Manual .PDF

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