Clarity-Blast Plus - Ultimate Pond Cleaner - 3/4 Lb

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3/4 Lb

Biocuda Clarity-Blast+ The Ultimate Pond Cleaner

Clarity Blast+ breaks down organic debris with a powerful combination of bacteria, enzymes and a proprietary secret ingredient to clean waterfalls, streams, plant pots and filtration systems. With a patented process that combines bacterial cultures with natural extracts, Clarity Blast+ with Activated Barley helps to remove and control the pond hobbyist’s worst long term pond problem.

  • 3/4 lb Size - Treats up to 6,000 gallons
  • Removes Pond Owner’s Worst Problem
  • Removes Slimy Debris From Ponds, Waterfalls and Streams
  • Safe for Aquatic and Domestic Animals

Application Rates

Pond Size 1,000 gallons 2,000 gallons 3,000 gallons 4,000 gallons
Dosage 2 oz. 4 oz. 6 oz. 8 oz.

Apply Clarity-Blast+ every 3 days at the prescribed rate per gallon until the problem is corrected, then return to normal weekly application rate.
For best results: Pond water pH should be maintained between 7.0 & 8.5. Water temperature should be at least 50°F and dissolved oxygen levels should be above 3ppm.
Special Note: Pond may become cloudy after application. Cloudiness should clear within 24-48 hours after application

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