Microbe-Lift HC / High Count Pond Bacteria - 1 Gallon Bottle

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1 Gallon
A Proprietary "High Count" Formulation for Larger Rural Lakes & Ponds

Microbe-Lift® works because it is an adult bacteria, not an enzyme. Microbe-Lift® has a 2 year shelf life when stored in a cool dry area unoppened and up to 1 year once opened.
Microbe-Lift® will actually convert the waste into CO² and water. The organic loadings are lowered, not pushed from one spot to another, which is what enzymes do.

* 100% Natural, Safe and Beneficial Bacteria
* Made in the USA
* Safe to use * Easy to use * All natural * Nontoxic * Nonpathogenic

Product Description:
  • Contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water by precipitating organic and inorganic particles including dead algae
  • Creates a healthy environment for your pond promoting faster fish growth.
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrogen levels.
  • Significantly reduces noxious odors caused by fish fecal matter and urine.
  • Reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.)
  • Reduces buildup of bird droppings, fish feed and dead leaves.
  • Breaks down organic sludge.
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Seeds biological filters
  • Safe for all wildlife in and around your pond
  • Safe for fish and aquatic plants
  • Reduces hydogen sulfide which creates strong, offensive odors
  • Effective over a wide pH range.
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
  • Sustains biological activity in water temperatures under 55° F (12°)

Directions for use:

Application Rates

 Size of Pond 
(in gallons)
  1st Application  
 Next 4 Weeks 
  (once per week) 
  (once per month)  
5,001-10,000 32 oz. 12 oz. 12 oz.
10,000-50,000 64 oz. 24 oz. 24 oz.
50,001-100,000 1 gal. 32 oz. 32 oz.
100,001-300,000 2 gallons 64 oz.. 64 oz.
300,001-500,000 4 gallons 1 gallon 1 gallon
500,001-750,000 6 gallons 2 gallons 2 gallons
750,001-1,000,000 8 gallons 3 gallons 2.5 gallons

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